Colt m4 upper receiver

Colt m4 upper receiver

The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. It has a The M4 is also capable of mounting the M and M grenade launchers. The distinctive step in its barrel is for mounting the M with the standard hardware.

AR-15 Upper Receiver Forgings

Following the adoption of the M16 riflecarbine variants were also adopted for close quarters operations. However, these rifles had design issues, as "the barrel length was halved" to 10 inches, which "upset the ballistics", reducing its range and accuracy and leading "to considerable muzzle flash and blast, so that a large flash suppressor had to be fitted".

Inthe first model was built, and it was tested in May The first models had an upper receiver with an A1 sight, and were given a longer The extended barrel improved the XM4's ballistics, reduced muzzle blast and gave the XM4 the ability to mount a bayonet and the M grenade launcher.

The XM4 was also given the cartridge deflector, as well as other minor refinements. The M4 was officially accepted into service by the U. It would subsequently be used heavily by U. In the U.

Army, the M4 had largely replaced M16A2s as the primary weapon of forward deployed personnel by Inthe United States Marine Corps ordered its officers up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and staff non-commissioned officers to carry the M4 carbine instead of the M9 handgun. As ofthe U.

Marine Corps had 80, M4 carbines in their inventory. By Julymajor Marine Corps commands were endorsing switching to the M4 over the M16A4 as the standard infantry rifle, just as the Army had done. This is because of the carbine's lighter weight, compact length, and ability to address modern combat situations that happen mostly within close quarters; if a squad needs to engage at longer ranges, the M27 IAR can be used as a designated marksman rifle.

Approval of the change would move the M16 to support personnel, while armories already had the 17, M4s in the inventory needed to outfit all infantrymen who needed one.

Marine Corps. The switch was to begin in early and be completed by September On 1 Julythe U. Army took complete ownership of the M4 design. The Army planned on fielding the last of its M4 requirement in Requested changes included an electronic round counter that records the number of shots fired, a heavier barrel, and possibly replacing the Stoner expanding gas system with a gas piston system.

The benefits of this, however, have come under scrutiny from both the military and civilian firearms community. Army's improved M4A1. In Septemberthe Army announced it would buy 12, M4A1s from Colt Firearms by the end ofand would order 25, more M4A1s by early The service branch planned to buy 12, M4A1 conversion kits in early In latethe Army bought 65, more conversion kits. On 21 Aprilthe U. Army announced to begin purchasing overM4A1 carbines to start reequipping front line units from the original M4 to the new M4A1 version.

The first 24, were to be made by Remington Arms Company. Remington was to produce the M4A1s from mid to midWe are fully staffed and processing orders. Standard orders are shipping in approximately 1 business day. FFL orders take approximately 5 business days if you can provide us an actively receiving FFL location. Unit Weight. Gift Certificate Amount. What Belong. Child Price. Regular Price. Parent Options.

Original Description. Free Shipping. Affiliate Gift Certificate. Credit Amount. Forged from T6 aluminum and hardc For more information, see www. Cage code. Square forge. Quality seems good enough. We've gotten to a point where you really need to trust your retailer when buying parts advertised as Colt.

I do happen to trust Primary Arms, so no worries, but the fakes are getting good enough that I wouldn't even consider buying from a less credible source. Stay off the forums.

colt m4 upper receiver

Stay away from the gun shows. Lots of fakes going around these days. Yes, I would like to receive special offers, and to hear about new products and brands.

colt m4 upper receiver

Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Manufactured by Colt. In Stock. NOTE: Limit 2 per household.

Quantities exceeding 2 will not allow checkout. Ad Name.Close Menu. This upper receiver allows for a free-floated barrel and also features a gas-block mounted fixed front sight post with bayonet lug and a backup rear sight. The barrel is Colt's standard M, utilizing a rifling twist of 1 turn in 7" Straight-line construction disperses recoil straight back to the shoulder, increasing handling capabilities, especially during repeated fire Cartridge case deflector allows easy operation in both right and left handed shooting positions for increased tactical applications Muzzle compensator further reduces muzzle climb and helps eliminate flash and dust signatures Ejection port cover protects the chamber from dust and mud Field strips easily without special tools for simple field user maintenance Flat top receiver allows for removable carrying handle and easy mounting of accessories High strength materials for greater comfort and effectiveness Caliber - 5.

Suggested Accessories:. Related Items:. Colt Colt Carbine H Buffer. Harris SC Bipod Colt 16" M4 Upper Receiver Assembly. Good to Go. Good shit. View All Customer Reviews.This item must ship to FFL holder. No civilian exceptions. You should hear from our compliance department within business days. If not, feel free to reach out for a status update.

We try to make this process as simple as possible for our customers. The process may be different due to state specific laws. If you choose free shipping at check-out, we will bill you for shipping later.

It must ship to a Federal Firearms License holder. Only a federally licensed firearms dealer may receive a firearm or federally regulated serialized item like a receiver or suppressor. We cannot ship these items directly to you. Please follow these steps to process your transaction:. Your FFL dealer should be able to give you all of the necessary information regarding your state specific laws. But, if we ship to your FFL, and there is a legal issue, we cannot accept a return.

So please make sure that you know and follow your local and state laws. When you are ready to purchase, contact the FFL dealer you would like to use and get their shipping address. You can send the information later. In order to ensure we remain compliant with all federal laws, our compliance department is kept separate from our sales and operations team. We try to make this process as simple as possible for our customers, but if you are unfamiliar the process or have any other questions, please visit our How to Buy a Firearm page for more details.

California and New York residents please, click here. Current Stock:. M4 Carbine marked lower, with the QR code on the magazine well. CR serial number, blah, blah, blah. Colt Colt Colt Colt M4A1 Block 1.

Potomac Armory Mk18 complete Fast Shipping for your convenience. Trusted Store satisfaction guarantee. Secure Shopping buy with confidence.Free Shipping on orders Got a decent supply this time but like everything COLT right now won't be here long.

Spec Ops Workhorse: M4A1 SOPMOD Block II

The mags are used but some look new, some look used we weeded all the not so nice ones out, also we will sell none that have dings or dents slight cosmetic bless yes. You will get a good deal as you usually do from us so know that your buying from the Shark, and not just another business.

We just wanted to add a few more pics so you all can see these are the real deal as pic 2 shows it has the grey spray inside the tube is what Colt does and it makes their buffer tubes the best!

PRICE Once again with the cloners in mind now while your in the middle of getting everything you need for your build do you want to worry where the sling is coming from.

Upper Receiver Group, Colt M4A1-SE

Heres a no brainer known as the Silent sling in Vietnam these slings have it all to go right on that M16 and work well. There mint in that package it took the abuse so the sling didn't. SAC Price AS we said on the home page, you want a quality Carrier for that tack driving Piston Rifle this is your chance to grab a Unicorn of a Carrier the Colt LEP carrier is just that animal. Made of Colt Quality this carrier is made out of the exact same materials as there regular carrier is, made to spec this will NOT let you down.

Please contact us for questions you may have on this item, please email us here: Sharkarmory gmail. These are Genuine Colt parts with all exact markings. Colt Square upper receiver is from the Brass forge and is yet another awesome Colt upper receiver. We have these by them selves for Colt If you do not want the KAC M4 please notify us and we will deduct C price C price of Colt A2 muzzle Brake. Colt side sling swivel. These are getting very hard to find and source - if you see them in stock grab it while you can.

Colt H2 heavy buffer. These are sweet especially if your shooting the These are 4. Colt carbine gas tube, as well as rifle, and mid size gas tube. Made of stainless steel these guys are tougher then your normal gas tubes and hold up well in full auto fire.

Colt MPC marked original bolt only. Colt is a name you can trust. Colt Delta ring assembly, includes, snap ring, and weld spring, everything you need to secure your barrel onto the receiver. Colt Waffle stock has all markings to make it a genuine Colt stock - under finger adjustment, then 4U in front of it. These are it built very strong.

Colt 4 position receiver extension. These are a rock solid buffer tube, they have 4 adjustable positions and are a mil spec size. Please ck for availability S. These barrels either start out as Contact us for pricing and availability. These are priced right! Get yourself Authentic Colt quality in a upper parts kit.A few surface scratches, which, if you buy new Colt, you know are common.

This is a highly desired and sought after upper. When I hold it, I never want to let it go. I tell her, stay with me, Charlie love you long time. It is yours my friend.

Make the right bid. Still heavy with Colt factory oil, not shot since factory testing.

colt m4 upper receiver

This is a new factory upper, with the upper receiver, barrel, FSB, all being factory timed and installed Yes, bolt, carrier, barrel and upper receiver all have Colt markings that you would expect. Take a look at the pics. Colt calls this GI Issue. Technically yes, but most of us might expect no markings for USGI. This is how Colt shipped it, so I want it to as pure as Colt shipped it. It is my understanding that the actual rifles were manufactured years ago, and only recently released.

The barrels do have cage codes, which would suggest a or later barrel, but other parts appear to be "new old stock," including the M4 quad rails, which have older dates. I also understand that this is a very limited release from Colt, and that only or so were produced. Colt did release a pinned This upper is a normal extended A2 flash hider, and looks very normal, and quite the bomb.

This is a military rifle upper, and not a gimmick. Very few will be able to own this, and those who do, will be very happy they got the real deal.

colt m4 upper receiver

Some earlier rifles and their uppers shipped with the Troy rail, but you should not be confused with that model. This is a military rifle upper, with the flash hider pinned. That is the only part that is civilian.Whether you are building your own rifle or replacing an old upper, there are practically endless choices for M4 uppers on the market today. The choices can be bewildering, but we have boiled them down to a concise list of the best M4 uppers on the market today.

It is true that, besides the handguardusually you have to look closely at a selection of black rifles to see the differences, but these can be significant.

Colt M4A1 factory upper receiver group, complete 2017 (non-SBR)

Some uppers come bare and others come complete with all internal components. Some lack certain features, particularly a forward assist and a dust cover. M4 Carbine Source. The forward assist is generally not as crucial today as when it was first introduced, and sometimes it can aggravate a jam, but it is nice to have. The material and finish used to produce M4 uppers are remarkably consistent, but you will see differences in fit and finish.

The construction process is usually forged or billet. Forged may be a bit stronger and heavier, but the difference is minimal. Finally, you have the option of a carry handle or flattop. The carry handle serves double-duty as an old-school rear sight. The far more common flattop design gives you a versatile rail length. A new M4 upper can provide a wide array of benefits. First, older uppers eventually wear out and start to experience degraded function and reliability.

A new upper can give you improved function, reliability, and accuracy at a lower cost than replacing an entire rifle. Perhaps there is a function lacking on your old upper that you have always wanted. Whether that is a different style or length of rail, a forward assist, more ergonomic controls, or even a new caliber, you can get it with a new upper.

The modularity of the M4 design even allows you to run different uppers in different situations. They are fast and easy to switch out. Sometimes, we have the money and taste to replace an upper strictly for aesthetic reasons. There is a wide variety of colors, finishes, and styles available. The first thing to consider in firearms components is reliability. M4 uppers also offer different levels of fit and finish, which can affect accuracy.

The best way to ensure you get the most reliable and accurate product is to go with a well-established company and a proven model. Getting the best reliability at an affordable price can be a challenge, but that's what we are here for. The main choice is between bare and complete uppers. If you want to select every internal component of your rifle, go with the former. Billet uppers offer more aesthetic options than forged ones. Forged uppers are arguably stronger, but the difference is going to be minimal.

Some come with extra coatings like Teflon or chrome-lining to increase function and durability.

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