Firewire dominator vs spitfire

Firewire dominator vs spitfire

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firewire dominator vs spitfire

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firewire dominator vs spitfire

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firewire dominator vs spitfire

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Firewire Spitfire Review

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Other surfers consider this site awesome. You should subscribe. See the full standard Firewire Spitfire dimensions with volumes at the bottom of this page. Best Wave Type Small to medium size, average waves. With a similar outline, rocker, tails and rails to the Lost Rocket, I picked up a Firewire Spitfire thinking I would get the same all around performance in average waves as I had come to expect from the Rocket and would only benefit further from the lighter materials used to construct the Rapidfire Firewire models.

Admittedly, the Lost Rocket is one of my all-time favourite boards, which meant the Spitfire would have big shoes to fill. Join thousands who get the latest reviews, news and alerts! My first surf on the Spitfire was in shoulder to head high offshore but disorganised beach break conditions. Paddling on to my first wave was as easy as I expected but once up to my feet, the board did not sit as nicely in the face of the wave as I had hoped.

This led me to miss my timing on a few bottom turns, which ruined those waves. This pattern continued in better waves and it was not until I surfed the Spitfire on a mushy, onshore day did I start to appreciate the board.

However, for Firewire converts I am not onethe Spitfire may become your go to board for a variety of average wave conditions. Subscribe to Compare Surfboards Join thousands of other subscribers. Have You Ridden This Surfboard? Christenson Nautilus Surfboard Review Designed to fill the missing link between midlengths and shorter performance and alternative designs, this is the Christenson Nautilus Surfboard Review!

Channel Islands Fever Surfboard Review. Christenson Mescaline x Tomo Surfboard Review. Groundswell vs. Windswell: Why it Matters to Surfers? The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts.

My name is Benny and I have a surfboard problem. Join us on our journey of riding and reporting on the best boards we can find from the best shapers both big name and underground on the planet.

Subscribe to the newsletter.I know this topic has been done to death and the hyptos receive abit of hate as they are so popular but im a cm and around kg heavy but not large as such.

Live in Melbourne so try to get down to the surf twice or so a month. Cheers Keg. I was in the same predicament and chose the dominator mainly because I found it alot more durable. Select to expand quote barkley said. Cheers Keg Where do you surf? Not sure what sort of volume your are looking at, I'm about your size and similar ability so I'll work with that and assume you are looking in the 6' to 6'4" range.

I looked at the Dominator and Spitfire ended up with something of traditional construction but not the hypto. What I found was that I didn't really like the rail shape in the tail of the Dominator once you got into the lengths over about 6' from memory as the rail back there was really boxy and had heaps of volume, imo this is ok in small beachies but not ideal on anything that is starting to get some power. On that basis out of the two I'd go the spitfire unless they have refined these in the last couple of years.

All that said at the moment I'd be hanging about to have at Rob Mac's Almond Butter board when it's available as it looks like a clever design. Hope that helps. If your going to surf the west coast go and see Corey Graham or Greg Brown and just get a custom Have surfed both a Hypto and a Spitfire.

Hypto was 6'4 and the Spitfire was 6'6. My best surf on the Hypto was the last surf I ever had on it when I gave up with it and decided to piss it off. Thing is a boat. To get the right volume i'd have to go way to short, your much shorter than me so it might work for you though, but i hated the thing.

The 6'6 spitfire was a much better board, found it easier to draw better lines, and had a much better general feel under the feet. I agree with the other comments though, unless your stuck on buying off the rack, hit up a local shaper and get something custom. Hypto Krypto Vs Spitfire Dominator. Select to expand quote.

Please Registeror Login first Terms Of Use Privacy Policy.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For a limited time save big sitewide!

No Hassle 30 Day Return Policy. Doesn't fit? Don't like it? Return it. Delivering excitement in everyday conditions, the Firewire Surfboards Spitfire TimberTek Surfboard puts more maneuverability into a full outline shortboard.

Firewire Marketing Director, Chuy Reyna, was looking for all the benefits of the Dominator but even more performance. The Spitfire combines a diamond tail and step-down tail rail, giving the Spitfire the tail bite of a thinner board, without losing the Dominator's speed and flotation. TimberTek Technology Firewire's TimberTek construction represents a significant step forward towards the holy grail of any product designed and manufactured in today's environmentally conscious world.

Firewire's TimberTek has by far one of the least toxic and smallest carbon footprints of any commercially available surfboard today. The combination of a lightweight EPS core, sustainably-grown Paulownia wood deck skins, Firewire's proprietary parabolic rail construction, and an Entropy bio-resin hot coat yield an extremely lightweight, durable surfboard with ALL of the high-performance flex characteristics of Firewire's existing technologies. Firewire Surfboards and Cleanline Surf have teamed up to make sure you get the Firewire surfboard you want!

Firewire Dominator Surfboard Review -

Through our partnership we have direct access to inventory at the Firewire warehouse in San Diego where boards can be shipped direct to your doorstep. Once an order is placed we contact Firewire promptly to confirm your board is in stock. Once confirmed the average wait time for a board to ship is 3 business days. Additionally transit time is 1 to 5 business days depending on where you are located. Most boards are ready to go, however, if there is any extended delay in shipping your board we will let you know right away.

Expedited Shipping.They also run a clean, fair factory in Thailand, which produces boards of a consistently high quality. If you a looking to purchase a Firewire surfboard then make sure you read through our reviews to see which model will suit your skill level along with the waves you ride most of the time.

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Hypto Krypto Vs Spitfire Dominator

Product Reviews Product Reviews See all. Rheos Floating Sunglasses Review. Hakuna Wear Boardshorts Review. Improve your Surfing See all. Encouraging a Love of Surfing in Kids. Trending Now Week Month. Home firewire reviews. Enjoy our Firewire surfboard reviews, listed below. Review: Slater Designs Cymatic.

The Cymatic is a performance shortboard designed by master shaper Daniel 'Tomo' Thompson and manufactured under the Slater Designs label by Firewire Surfboards. Being a fan of the Sci-Fi and having recently enjoyed riding an Omni, I was intrigued to Surf News Surfboards 11 min read. Review: Firewire Greedy Beaver. The Firewire Greedy Beaver is a surfboard that excels across a range of conditions. While this board may seem the ideal choice for learners or those transitioning between long and shortboards, it has far more to offer and will suit many intermediate Surfboards 10 min read.G'day All.

Hope you're all doing well. Wanted to get a view on FireWire surfboards from the Swellnet community. Hear a lot of mixed reports - and I've almost made up my mind. I personally snapped one clean in the middle surfing an intermediate 3ft Wave the other day. I'm now heading into Christmas with one less in my already dwindling read pathetic quiver. Safe to say I'm very annoyed at the moment. I love them, they are epoxy but Firewire doesn't claim they are indistructable.

Myself and a few of the local boys were surfing a pretty heavy reef down here when two of the younger lads from town paddled out, both on Firewires. Both really good surfers. They proceeded to tell us how the boards were unbreakable. The next set came through and they caught the first two waves of the set and both broke their boards. I said "unbreakable? Felt a bit sorry for them but I sure wouldnt buy one. Bought my first firewire about 3 years ago,probably averages 3 surfs a month in all conditions, still in great condition,still lively, PU boards for me are pretty well trashed after about a year,so worth the extra I reckon.

Firewire certainly have copped criticism over the years but I think the Ratio of breakages v boards sold would have to be much lower than PU. I think Nev claimed they were unbreakable when firewire first started, bad move left them open for plenty of flak, I've had 4 of them now and no problems, the only downside being more expensive to repair than PU.

Apart from a liittle yellowing, it looks and surfs like new. I would definitely buy another one. The worst thing I could say about one is that tail patches wear out quicker than the boards and those things are a bitch to replace.

Sometime latter a mate who works in a surf shop that sales everything from Al Merricks and all the big Aussie shapers labels plus there own board label, convinced me to give one a go, as of all the boards he was able to have virtually free, he choose a FW and was stoked on them. The variety of test boards in store were pretty limited in dimensions but i grabbed what was closest to what i like although it still meant it was a bit of a boat, i rode it and the waves were pretty good that day, so there was no excuses there, anyway i thought it sucked so was put off them.

Anyway first surf the board went sick, ive had it over a year now and its definitely one of the best boards ive had or ridden, after a year plus there is not even a tiny pressure ding on the bottom, and just a little dimpling on the deck from duck diving, which for me is crazy because my boards normally get trashed and normally after a year my board looks like some guys boards look after five years and have lost that new board magic feel, but this board once i clean her up, looks like a few month old board and still has that lively magic feel.

Anyway i couldn't stop at one so i now have three and all three im real happy with and are holding up amazingly although the third one i only just got. It always sucks when you snap a board especially when its still reasonably new and i think it would suck a bit more if i snapped a newish FW just because of the price and because your expecting it to be stronger. Boards are weird like that you can sometimes surf pretty heavy or hollow waves no problems or have a situation where you expect to come up seeing your board in two and your boards fine, then other times it can be small average waves and somehow your boards snapped clean in half or creased and its like WTF how?.

FST are actually stronger and more expensive than the rapid fire construction, but like all boards they can snap i guess. Rip off? I'm quite happy with mine. Don't put one on then you'll never have to remove it.

I don't put them on my boards as it's like wearing a slipper on your back foot! Plus without one you can see the wear of the board.

To remove one, warm the patch up with a hairdryer on it's lowest setting and don't concentrate on one area for too long.

Then use dental floss in a sawing motion kinda like on your teeth to work through the adhesive.

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