Nissan leaf motor pdf

Nissan leaf motor pdf

The company was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa in Nissan struggled to established itself as a global automotive leader and formed a Renault-Nissan alliance in In alone, Nissan sold just 5. Nissan sells its cars under 3 different brands: Nissan, Datsun, Infiniti.

InRenault and Nissan have formed an alliance, which is now the longest lasting automotive alliance to date.

Nissan Leaf charging stations: everything you need to know

Renault holds a The alliance allows both companies to:. Inthe company has soldunits of Leaf and is the leading automotive brand in the EV segment. EV market is expected to grow significantly in the future and Nissan already has an advantage in it. Nissan through its alliance with Renault and various acquisitions have increased its market share in the global automotive market. The company successfully competes in the U. Growing presence in the emerging markets, will allow the company to strengthen its brand and competitive positions in these markets.

His management style and reforms inside the ailing Nissan company, have been featured in many business cases. Nissan could improve its marketing and advertising capabilities. This is more than what Hyundai, Honda or Audi has spent, yet, the company gained little or no in brand presence for the money spent.

The U. Inthe company has recalled 3. Every automotive company is affected by product recalls to some extent. Many governments around the world are committed to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and are encouraging fuel efficiency initiatives. Nissan may take advantage of this by introducing more car models running only on electricity and bypassing all the government regulations associated with the greenhouse gas emissions.

Signs of an improving economy and rising consumer confidence have been reflected in the strongest increase in new vehicle sales for more than a decade in the U.

Nissan LEAF

Interest rates in the U. In such economic conditions, Nissan has an opportunity to capture the higher market share and increase its sales in the U. The market share of the automotive companies is significantly impacted by the timing and frequency of new model releases.

Historically, new models have tended to have major upgrades every 4 or 5 years with only minor modifications in between. However, due to the rising consumer expectations in relation to in-car technology and the competitive nature of the industry, there is an argument to release upgraded models more frequently.I've been driving a fully electric vehicle for almost 3 years now and in that time they have become more and more common. Here are my experiences of driving an EV and a few tips and information I've picked up along the way!

Although the LEAF, which stands for Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car, which we won't be mentioning again, is largely sold and thought of as a 'green' form of transport, this was probably one of the lowest motivating factors for me.

Alongside the financial motivation for me to switch, there was also the totally different driving experience of an EV. To test out the concept of an EV I decided to pick up a cheaper, second hand car to get started.

The generation 1 Leaf, commonly referred to as a 'Gen 1', was a good way to see what driving an EV was like day to day without spending big before I was totally sure it'd work out. Nissan kept production simple for the first model and the only real option you could choose was the colour, so they were all pretty much the same!

Mine is the silver one in this picture. Very quickly some of the worries I had about driving an EV were relieved, the most notable of which was 'range anxiety'.

nissan leaf motor pdf

Range anxiety is the term given to the fear of having a typically shorter than usual range in your car. Most ICE Internal Combustion Engine cars typically have a range in the hundreds of miles but a fully charged Gen 1 Leaf is only going to give you miles.

With the average driver doing far less than this in a typical day, I never fully understood the concern, but I was going to be pushing the boundaries of the range each day. This turned out not to be a problem. Like any car, you soon get used to what it's capable of and gauging just how much 'low fuel' really means! I'd get home, put the car on charge and it was quite nice coming out to a fully charged car in the morning and having a full tank without having to get fuel on the way out of town.

It's also really handy to charge it up at shopping centres, when I go snowboarding or even when I pop to IKEA for a few things! This is known as destination charging and provides an opportunity for you to top up the vehicle, or fully recharge it depending on the charger, whilst you're spending time at a single location.

This is a great way of extending the range of your vehicle throughout the day as you're using it. One of the things that I quickly grew to like about driving an EV was how responsive the throttle was. With the only delay to applying power being the time it takes the electrons to zip from the battery to the motor, which is basically instant, they can be quite nippy cars to drive.

This does make them quite fun to drive, especially off the line. To check just how accurate those figures from Nissan were, I decided I'd put it on a rolling road, just for fun. The guy at the dyno shop was quite amused as he'd never done anything like this before.

None of the typical things like giant cooling fans at the front were needed, nor were there any exhaust gasses to extract. It was also completely silent so no one needed any ear defenders that you'd typically have during a dyno run.

The Leaf did quite well and we did several runs with a combination of manual and controlled launches because, well, why not?! There are several different types of charger that you can use to recharge an EV and I will cover the ones that apply specifically to the Leaf.

The easiest option, and the one that I use overnight most nights, is charging it from a standard electrical outlet. Just like you'd plug your laptop or phone charger in to, you can also plug your car in and charge it from a 3 pin plug, or your local equivalent. The next option is using a dedicated EV charger.

These are small devices that you can fit to your external wall and provide a faster charging option for your car. For the Leaf this is either a 3. The last option for charging is a rapid charger. You can see my car connected to one of these at IKEA above and they are quite large units, generally not for home use!

The different types of chargers are useful for different scenarios and you will typically see up to 6. After having my Gen 1 Leaf for a mere 10 months I'd put over 28, miles on it and I'd more than decided it was time to upgrade.Quick links. My Nissan Leaf. My main question is the life of the motor. As with all electrical motors they wear out. Any shelf life on this type of motor?

nissan leaf motor pdf

Please any input would be appreciated. Re: life electric motor Tue Oct 25, pm The only thing in the motor that could even conceivable wear out in any reasonable amount of time is the bearings and I suspect even that would be far in to the future. As to the battery, individual cells can be replaced and as to what they cost, by the time you need them many years down the road it is likely they will be far cheaper than they are today I suspect that the technology will have changed so much in ten years that even if the car is still performing adequately at that point, you'd likely want to replace it.

The same can be said for most vehicles, for that matter Re: life electric motor Tue Oct 25, pm co2x3 wrote: I was planning on purchasing leaf. Re: life electric motor Tue Oct 25, pm I don't think you have to worry about the electric motor. The life of the battery depends entirely on how you use it, and what level of degradation equates with "Time to dispose of this car" for you personally.

Personally, I'm expecting to keep this car a long time. I take good care of my cars, and expect to renew the pack at least once and drive it for 15 or 20 years. I'll admit that's optimism and determination on my part, though. Re: life electric motor Tue Oct 25, pm Most modern cars are considered disposable after 10 years The battery is a valid concern, but nobody knows the cost because by the time you need to replace it technology should have advanced to the point where the price is considerably cheaper.

As for the motor, I would wager that it will last considerably longer than 10 years, but even when it does go it should be considerably less to replace than a full gasoline engine would be at similar mileage. Few moving parts, no brushes, benign operating environment they should last forever and when they do need maintenance, it will be for simple things like bearings.Did you know you can upgrade your forum membership and get less advertising, a custom avatar, space for uploading images and pdf attachments, more private messages, etc?

Quick links. My Nissan Leaf. Board index. Did you know? Thanks for being a part of history :. Open to all non-business Forum Supporters including non-profits. This includes dealerships, vendors and businesses looking to sell or buy LEAFs or other items from members. You need to be a Forum Vendor to be able to post here. LEAF Ownership. Subforum: Blink. Suggestions for Nissan Discussion about what you think Nissan should know or consider.

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Get more info here.Lightweight, compact and high-efficiency powertrain for electric vehicles EVs The e-Powertrain powers our EVs and removes the need for an internal combustion engine. It is a lightweight, compact system that produces extremely low vibrations and generates instant torque. These elements combine to deliver a high quality, smooth and very responsive drive. The unit was developed to thrive in a range environments around the world, displaying high performance and high durability in all of them.

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Technology mechanism The main units of the e-Powertrain each have their own functions. Motor : Generates the power for moving and the regenerative braking power during deceleration. Inverter : Utilizing the motor it converts direct-current electricity to alternate current when driving, and then recovers energy by converting alternate current to direct current during deceleration regeneration.

Reduction drive : Modulates the rotations of the motor and transmits power to the wheels drive shaftsimilar to a conventional transmission. Search on.Nissan LEAF is a pure electric vehicle powered only by electricity, and its battery can be charged at home. The electric motor that replaces the conventional engine offers a totally different driving experience with quiet and responsive acceleration. With a platform designed specifically for electric vehicles, Nissan LEAF will be introduced globally in the second half of fiscal late as the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle.

A soothing start-up sound will immediately follow operation of the push-button power switch, inviting you to the new world of zero-emission mobility. Nissan's first electronically controlled shift-by-wire gearchange, complete an effortless driving environment. The large capacity, yet compact-sized, advanced lithium-ion battery is installed underneath the floor, which maximizes interior space to accommodate 5 adults in comfort. A new platform developed exclusively for EVs.

It takes eight hours for full-charging through a power outlet. When you go out, charging can be done with a quick charger, a minute charge will allow you to drive an additional range of 50 km.

Even when you are away from your vehicle, you can turn on air conditioning, start charging the battery and check its status with a mobile phone via the internet.


EnvironmentZeroEmissionevIT. Search on. Search on Events Advanced Technology Briefing Global sales totaled overLeafs by December The European market was led by Norway with 33, new units registered by the end of October The Tesla Model 3 is close behind withsales through December Nissan sought to make the Leaf appealing to mainstream drivers by giving it a familiar five-door hatchback design. It's guaranteed for eight years ormiles. There is no active cooling of the battery pack, only passive cooling by radiation.

There is a battery refurbishment program in Japan, but not in the US. According to a report by Warranty Directof 35, Leafs sold in Europe, three had had a battery failure, compared to a failure rate 25 times higher for internal combustion engined cars.

The Leaf is generally cheaper to operate than gasoline and hybrid cars. The body features bulging headlamp enclosures which direct wind away from the side mirrors, reducing drag and noise. Some trims initially came equipped with the telematics system CarWings. From to this used the 2G cellular network. As of it offers GPS data for routing, and for locating charging stations. It may also provide two-way communication with the car which enables remote control of the climate system, and monitoring of charging status, [20].

Nissan electric vehicles has existed since and the Leaf was preceded by the Altraand the Hypermini. Other companies make compatible charging stations, and companies and local government have various initiatives to create electric vehicle networks of public charging stations. By March Nissan had plants at Smyrna, TennesseeOppama, Japan, and SunderlandEngland, [24] with production of50, and 50, respectively.

The Leaf has extended range due to a more efficient heating system, better regenerative brakingweight reduction, and improved aerodynamics. The model year Leaf has a dashboard display of the battery's charge percentage. In November Nissan demonstrated on public roads a Leaf based driverless car [28].

There are three trim levels. A new trim level, Leaf S, has a lower price and inch steel wheels and fewer accessories. In Europe Nissan offered a battery leasing option for all trims produced at Sunderland [29] which lowered the price. The Leaf is largely the same as the model year, except [31] for standard rearView monitor and updated EV-IT functionality with voice destination entry and SMS readout.

Global sales in fell to about 47, units, in anticipation of the second generation.

nissan leaf motor pdf

In Februarythe Automotive Science Group ASG published the result of a study conducted to assess the life-cycle of over 1, automobiles across nine categories sold in North America. The study found that among advanced automotive technologies, the Nissan Leaf holds the smallest life-cycle environmental footprint of any model year automobile available in the North American market with minimum four-person occupancy.

The study concluded that the increased environmental impacts of manufacturing the battery electric technology is more than offset with increased environmental performance during operational life. For the assessment, the study used the average electricity mix of the U.

In DecemberNissan announced that Leaf owners have accumulated together 1 billion kilometers million miles driven. This amount of electric miles translates into avoiding million kilograms of CO 2 emissions by driving an electric car in comparison to travelling with a gasoline-powered car. Models with an on-board 3. After the original battery packs degrade, owners may wish to refurbish, replace, or upgrade their battery packs instead of purchasing a new electric car.

However, there are few options globally for this process. In AugustAutomotive News reported that "more than a year after launching a battery refurbishment program for Leaf customers in Japan, Nissan remains noncommittal about offering the program in the brand's largest market — the U.

Nissan Leaf Powertrain Disassembly (Teardown to EM57 Motor)

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