Reader panic attack fanfic

Reader panic attack fanfic

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader friendship, gender-neutral pronouns Words: 1, Warnings: panic attack, angst. Originally posted by loisclark. Requested by anonymous. Your name: submit What is this? You were hot and cold at the same time. Your hands were sweating, even after repeatedly wiping your palms on your pants. Your breathing was short and fast.

You were shaking. You slid down the wall until you found yourself crouched on the floor, your arms wrapped around your knees, your head bent forward, trying to breathe. You felt sick and dizzy. It felt like the walls were closing in on you. Panic kept you conscious. You could feel the adrenaline rushing through your body, making it alert. Yet you felt so numb.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

There was only panic. You were going to die. Right here, right now. You heard the blood pumping through your body. You heard your own heartbeat, faster, so much faster, than it should be. You tried to breathe in, but there was no air. You pulled your legs closer to your body, tried to hide your face. Your mouth was dry. You ached for water. But there was none. No water, no air, no gravity. You felt dizzy. Your view became blurry.

You needed air. Somebody called your name. You could barely hear it over the sound of your own heart pumping blood through your veins at rapid speed. It sounded nearer than before. You still felt dizzy. You were cold and you were sweating.I have done some research for the purpose of this fic but if I have gotten something drastically wrong please message me, I only want to be my best for you guys!

Even before waking up that morning, you knew that you were having one of your bad days. You hated the bags under your eyes, the ghostly-pale completion that made you look permanently ill, and the way your stomach curved out too much. Today you just hated everything about yourself, you felt like throwing up at the thought of having to go to school, the thought of people looking at you.

Why are you so fucking ugly? You screamed at yourself silently. You let out a deep breath as you reached for your medication, tipping a single shiny-white pill into your hand. After three attempts at doing your make-up with shaking hands, changing your outfit numerous times, and repeatedly checking your school-bag to make sure you had everything, there was a knock at the door.

As you opened the front door, pulling your bag over your shoulder and grabbing the cereal bar that your mum had left on the side for you, you were greeted by the smiling-face of your best-friend and long-time crush Jughead Jones. You took another deep breath before smiling brightly back at him, attempting to hide how you really just wanted to slam the door and curl up in your bedroom alone. Getting through the school day had felt like physical torture.

Thankfully, it was the end of the day and it was a Friday so you could spend the weekend in your room and not have to put on a show for anyone. You were just closing your locker, when you noticed Jughead leaning against the wall next to you, you smiled at him weakly.

reader panic attack fanfic

Shall I come and pick you up at about 7pm? A few hours later, there was a knock at the door for a second time that day. Grabbing your jacket, you opened the door and smiled at Jughead, the butterflies in your stomach returning after a feeling of numbness all day. Over the last few hours, you had succeeded in quelling your anxiety slightly by going for a run and having a long shower, determined to have a good night with your friends. You smiled at him as you took the bag and held out a paper bag of your own.

I Had a Panic Attack in Class

You knew that Jughead loved eating cookies while he was watching a movie. He always showed physical affection to you — by hugging you, or putting his arm around you, sometimes he even held your hand — but you knew that it meant something more to you than it did to him, how could someone like Jughead like you anyway?

You were broken. Everyone was sprawled in the living room when you arrived, the opening credits of the movie already showing upon the screen.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Panic Reader. Sort: Category. Bleach Rebirth of the Guardian by fanboy reviews Bereft of purpose after the loss of his powers, a now sixteen year old Ichigo Kurosaki decided that a change of venue would be what he needed to get him out of his funk.

A surprise win with a scholarship opens the door to a new world and not the one he was expecting. Set after the Aizen Arc but before the fullbring arc. The displeased gods decide it should take a greater role in the fate of humanity. They send the Prince Who Was Promised and a Lannister back to before the war equipped with their memories. Even with the advantage of hindsight, things never go as planned.

After all, the fate of the world just may hang in the balance. When the strongest hero alive gets thrown into the world with supernatural entities, his son got caught in it and gained lively companions. Would it be possible for his son to inherit his power as well? As the hero started another quest to find out the origin of his power. Possible AU in later arcs. Issei, Saitama. Jaune and Nora decide to take their hobby to the next level, and soon find themselves being approached by friends, faculty, and even total strangers who want to get in on the action.

With their budding community channel beginning to take off, they could always use additional In The Flesh by TheReaperCometh reviews To regain a fraction of his humanity, Ainz attempts to create a spell capable of countering his emotion suppressor: but the incantation is more potent than expected, and Suzuki Satoru finds himself irreversibly restored, in the flesh!

He may not be an Avenger anymore, but his life's work is far from over. This story fills in the blanks left by "Avengers: Endgame. Chiaroscuro by boomvroomshroom reviews "They say the only thing to fear is fear itself. That, and a motivated Nara.

The world is turned sideways. Everyday Life with Supernatural Girls by DanzyDanz reviews In a peaceful world where humans are not always judgmental pricks, Hyoudou Issei found himself living in the dawn of a new era.

An era where species of various factions and races he never thought existed coexist with his kind. Probably should be rated M for handholding. Issei, Kuroka, Yasaka, Kunou - Complete. But as a boy with no huntsmen training, no huntsmen knowledge, and no huntsmen transcripts, he had absolutely no chance of getting into a school like that legally. After scouring the darkest corners of the CCTNet, he finally found a lead.

A place called Grimm Academy. Cover art by Seshirukun. That was clear to all who truly know him. For a long time though, he lacked the power to actually achieve that goal.I am here to talk if anyone needs any comfort or support for them as well. I begin to strum my guitar, feeling waves of musical vibrations running through my body. Strumming the chords to Ruin, my hands are shaking a little bit but I know that this song always gets to me physically.

I always get lost in the song. I remove my guitar from my body with all of the strength I have left. Breathe, just breathe.

reader panic attack fanfic

My lungs feel as if someone has put all of their weight on them, as if they might burst, or even worse - shrink into nothing. This makes everything worse, the thought that I might be dying right now. She brings her face a bit closer to mine, raising her voice. Look at me! Count with me. I try and concentrate on her counting, hoping that it will reduce some of the pain.

Five…Six…Seven… My heart is pounding and is going double its usual speed but the room has stopped spinning, my vision still blurred from my tears. A lot of the weight has been removed from my chest and my vision has returned to normal, an empty feeling overwhelming me.

My head is still pounding.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She runs a hand through my hair, slightly slicking it back from the bead of sweat that appeared at my hairline. I close my eyes as some of the adrenaline leaves my body. I take a shaky breath before opening my eyes. Trust me. I turn my head to the side and kiss her on the forehead.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Hey I'm Ellie!

Just as my username says, this is my personal journal. I've done some writing pieces through the course of some years and finally feel like sharing. Some writing pieces are long but hold so much truth that I hope all of you come to find too.

By sharing I'm hoping some of you find comfort in knowing there are others who have felt the same. This is me. Ellie's Journal. After the dorms are set, Class 1-A gets to know each other and new feelings blossom, after a calm day of revelations things go to shit.

When fighting against a student from Class 1-C for an exercise, Bakugou and Midoriya's past is exposed. University is hard. You have no friends, constantly have papers due It's a good thing Ebott is home to some very strong allies, and one cute skeleton that just won't leave you alone. Note: this is my first fic for the Undertale fandom. Some people revolve their entire lives around finding their soulmates, waiting for that little infinity symbol to weave into a unique design shared only between Fated.

It's the greatest love story ever told and idol Jeon Jungkook is eager to experience it.

reader panic attack fanfic

On the other hand, some people choose to rebel against Fate's design, whether it be out of finding love somewhere else or hating that their choices are taken away from them. For others, they do it out of love, do it to protect the other from whatever horrors their lives entail, people like Park Jimin, who will do whatever he has to in order to keep his Fated safe. Jungkook is struggling with his identity.

He is struggling to find himself and love himself and deal with his infatuation with his English teacher all while dealing with his very real virginity and Hoseok who is determined to help him.

Taehyung decides to start a Gay Straight Alliance at their school to help fight the hate on campus. They need a teacher to approve the new club. And then he meets a drag queen, Runch Randa, and things get complicated. Jungkook thought that the most confusing part of his second semester of college was going to be Calculus. It was something about the way her short skirt swished against her rounded bottom that always seemed to draw his eye, not that he tried to look.

Peter Parker is chasing a story about mutants and war time secrets and his search leads him to the time-jumping mutant Cable. There are brushes with death and awful winter storms, a hidden mutant town that changes all Peter's opinions, and as winter nights grow colder, the Alpha and Omega huddle in the one room cabin and decide to trust the connection sparking between their souls.Yeah, the title is so creative, I know.

This is just a short one-shot I wrote in about thirty minutes. I love the idea of a caring and concerned Derek, so I turned it into real life! If only fanfiction could be real life. You guys might be a tiny bit confused, so I'm just going to tell you guys that, even though this was written recently, this fic is set in Season One! With that underway, you guys can proceed!

Disclaimer: I don't own Derek or Stiles. I don't own Teen Wolf or its amazing amazingness. I really don't even know. Panic attacks are never fun. The feeling you get whilst experiencing one is almost like being drowned but never feeling any sort of relief. Never dying. It goes on and on and on until your brain can finally get its shit together enough to calm you down. You're left feeling endlessly exhausted, unless you pass out - in which case, you feel endlessly exhausted after waking up.

A normal person would say that they wouldn't be able to survive one after reading that summary, even though it's just the watered down version. One panic attack - just one - would be too hard for any normal-not-fucked-up human being.

So, yeah, panic attacks are never fun. But they're even worse when they happen at the worst possible moments - like when you're with Derek Hale. Derek Hale - who already thinks that Stiles is a weak, little boy who can never protect himself, and needs the help of others to do it for him - of all people, was the one that had to experience Stiles's total freak out. Stiles would have spared a moment to think about how totally embarrassing it was, but he was too busy trying not to suffocate to death.

Even though he knew good and well that panic attacks don't result in death, no matter how extreme. He could barely hear him or make out anything he was saying. Fortunately, Derek was talking rather loudly. Too loudly for Stiles's liking. He never knew what to do to stop a panic attack - they always just eventually stopped on their own.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The Legion sent Brainy back to the 21st Century and brought Winn to the 31st. This is why they made that decision. This is a twist and a continuation to 's route in mystic messenger, that involves elements from different routs and some made up extras that are based on my fanfic "Revenge". This story is a series with many chapters right now i have 18 planned and no idea how to finish but we'll get there.

Gilbert stared at her with wide eyes, struggling to take in a breath. In fact, she was glad of it- at least he still recognised her. But now knowing that the Little is not a space but another personality, an alter, how will BTS deal with this? How will Seokjin come to terms with the reality that he is not the sole owner of this body?

After days of worrisome travel, Ross Poldark is looking forward to self-isolation. But his situation will only grow more complicated when he gives safe harbor to an unexpected house guest. In which Seokjin and Taehyung question if they're friends, lovers, or nothing in no particular order.

Shoto will not say the word copingfor he does not copefor he has nothing to cope with. AKA: When Shoto loses mastery of his left side and begins having nightmares, he goes to drastic measures to regain control. He finds some comfort in Izuku, who seems to be going through something of his own. Now, as he's huddled in an underground cellar and fearing for his life, Taeyong regrets it. He's been on the run for a year now - falling from the worshipped Crown Prince to a royal fugitive whom the rebels are all too eager to kill.

The one who helped him escape from his problems was now the one who made him suffer he turned his life to hell again.

Hamish Watson, an ex army doctor, ex general doctor and now a biology teacher in a high school. He is a dynamic man with anger issues who can literally break every single bone of your body while he is naming them, if you piss him off. Although he is suffering. He knows that his thoughts about his past will never leave him alone William Holmes, a year old teenager boy with the mind of a scientist or a philosopher.

A mysterious, handsome and unusually intelligent boy, full of sass, secrets and bad desicions. He knows things about people that can ruin their lives if they will be revealed, although he is only known as the school freak.

People refer him as a cold and heartless machine without emotions but no one can hide his feelings forever After the mysterious murder of a student into the school, these two people will come closer. Day by day, both will realize that nothing and no one is what it really seems Or is it frenemy? Giorno gets affected by a Stand that ends up instilling him with nothing but pure fear, at least until it wears off.

What could go wrong?

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